Kappa Presentation YPF

Invitation to a KAPPA presentation

20 March 2012 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
23 March 2012 – Buenos Aires, Argentina
27 March 2012 – Bogotá, Colombia

We would like to invite you to a presentation and lunch. This session will be presented by Olivier Houzé, Managing Director of KAPPA and is entitled:

Update on KAPPA technical developments and products

The focus will be on the technical evolution of dynamic data analysis and the tools we have developed, and need to develop, to keep abreast of industry demands. Particular emphasis will be on the Ecrin and Diamant Master workflows with only a brief presentation on Emeraude v2.60.

If you are interested in attending please mail to events@kappaeng.com and we will come back to you with more information and your invitation. We look forward to seeing you.

Presentation content

– Quick update on KAPPA

– Dynamic Data in Intelligent Fields

– What we have now
o Ecrin v4.20
o Diamant Master v4.12
o Emeraude v2.60

– Scheduled in 2012
o Ecrin v4.30
o KAPPA Server v5.0, replacement of Diamant Master
o KAPPA VIZ v5.0, a new 3D collaboration tool

– Beyond 2012
o KAPPA workstation, replacement of Ecrin
o Our work on Intelligent Fields
o KAPPA consortium on unconventional resources

Speaker: Olivier Houzé


Olivier Houze
Engineer from Ecole Polytechnique (France) – MSc in Petroleum Engineering from Stanford University (USA) – Four years as a Well Test Field Operator and Interpretation engineer with Flopetrol (Schlumberger), in the Middle East and France – Co-founder of KAPPA Engineering in 1987 and its Managing Director since 1991 – Author of several papers on Pressure Transient Analysis – Co-author of the last SPE monograph on Pressure Transient Testing (October 2009) – Main author of the KAPPA DDA book – Scheduled SPE Distinguished Lecturer for 2012-2013.